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About Us

Even before attending dental school, Dr. Robert Willis had significant involvement in business and how to successfully run a business. In the preceding years he attended the best business management seminars he could find and took the best of what he learned and applied it to his own practice. Through trial and error he found a combination of business techniques that allowed him to work less hours, make more money and have less stress overall.


Dr. Willis then applied the principles to some of his colleagues' practices and found the results to be equally as strong. These early successes led to the creation of The Coaching Program which to date has helped hundreds of Doctors create a practice that fits their goals and lifestyles.


Today, the Coaching Program has a staff of professional consultants and team members trained in the philosophies of the program. All have one objective in mind, to help The Coaching Program clients create more income, less stress and a happier, more productive work environment.


For information on how to contact The Coaching Program and get started on the path to a practice suited to you click here.

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