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Seven Principles of Wealth Planning

"The information in the Seven Principles is fundamental to wealth building and estate planning..."


Increasing Case Acceptance & Building Your Practice When the Patient Says No!
"What do you mean? If the patient rejects me, then I'll do no dentistry on them. How does that help build a practice? When they turn down my plan, how can that be good?..." 

Life is Meant to be Lived!
"Here's the bad news. No one can possibly get "everything" done today. Most dentists and their staffs could find something to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why are some invigorated and some exhausted? Let's look at some of the things that make the difference..."

How NBA Coach Phil Jackson Can Help Your Practice
"Maybe a World Championship coach who has helped his stars, role players and others on the team go from "not so hot" to "very good" to World Champs year after year, could teach us a few thing about our teams."

Steps to Increase Case Acceptance Through Financial Arrangements
"Today, we have many valuable financial resources that can provide financial alternatives to fit in patients' budgets that will enable our patients to receive the treatment they want, assuming the financing is presented in an attractive manner. Now patients can proceed with care instead of saying, "Let me think about it." 

How Healthy is Your Practice?
"Has your practice had it's annual physical? Where does your practice need attention for it to be optimally productive? By using your practice statistics, we can easily determine the health and well being of your practice." 

How to Make the Best Treatment Affordable
"Freedom to perform the type of dentistry you prefer is high on the list of desires of many dentists. As patient awareness and desire to look better and to keep their teeth for a lifetime and with many dental services being discretionary, it seems it should be easy for dentists to have long term, high quality dentistry accepted. So why isn't there more case acceptance in your practice?" 

Underestimating Your Value Causes Many Problems
"It never ceases to amaze me that dentists want to do the best for others, but are willing to settle for less than the optimum themselves. They often don't realize that this low valuation causes many seemingly unrelated problems in their practice." 

Scheduling, Are You Serving It or Is It Serving You?
"Setting up a consistently repeatable and effective schedule is one of the greatest challenges that face a dental practice. Coordinating staff and patients in an efficient low stress manner is a difficult if not elusive objective. If you do not have a clear scheduling format for your practice, your appointment book will control your office instead of your business assistant." 

Six Cardinal Rules of Outstanding Patient Service
"To be massively successful with your patients, take a look at incorporating the following 6 rules for outstanding patient service and I might add, an outstanding reputation with your patients and in your community." 

Success Through Simplicity
"Most things in life are quite simple; unfortunately we humans love complicate them. In this age of more complexity, our environment and our circumstances, tend to direct our lives at an ever-increasing pace. This is especially true in dentistry." 

Why Patients Don't Accept the Treatment They Need and What You Can Do About It
"I have yet to speak with a dentist who doesn't tell me sooner or later that one of the biggest frustrations in dentistry is patients who really need treatment yet fail to accept recommendations or fail to follow through as agreed. Why does this happen? How can people, many of who could easily afford treatment, walk around knowing they need dentistry yet do nothing about it. In order to get a clear idea of why they don't accept your recommendation, let's look at why they would accept treatment." 

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