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Benefits to You

Get Your Practice the Way You Really Want It!

The Dentist's Challenge

As Dentists, we go to school learning how to be a healthcare provider of technical dental care. When we graduate and go into practice for ourselves, we find that not only are we the chief provider of dental services, but as the owner of the practice we are responsible for handling the challenges of running a dental practice - but we are the leader, the manager, HR Director, Compliance Officer, the CFO, CEO, and visionary in addition to be the Chief Producer of Dentistry. No wonder we have stress when we are wearing so many hats and dealing with such diverse issues. As a dentist and a business owner, I know how you feel and have faced the same obstacles and issues. I know there is a better and easier way!

How You Benefit

For over 20 years, we have worked with our clients so that they can enjoy lowered stress, greater profitability, and a more balanced of life outside of dentistry and their career.


The staff at and The Coaching Program are trained in the proven concepts that allow us to guide our clients through the process of building sound, practical and predictable operating systems so that the staff can be far more efficient and the results of our day to day work can be more productive. Our clients enjoy a happier, more productive work environment and get much more done in fewer days working as a result.


Clients tell us they experience "Life Changing" and "Stress Relieving" results.


Understanding that each doctor is unique and has specific challenges, Dr. Willis and his staff have been able to help the doctors identify road blocks to success and help them develop a strategic plan so they can clarify their visions for the practice and provide the tools necessary to achieve the success they desire. Our coaching with dentists has generated impressive results. Not only do the practices do much better financially, but the doctors and staff find greater enjoyment in providing dental care and in the work itself.


Most importantly, our concepts and philosophy allow dentists to do what they were trained to do; practice technical dentistry in an efficient and effective manner. This down-to-earth, realistic approach to practicing dentistry has allowed doctors to enjoy their time in the office and spend more time out of the office with their families.


Who would most benefit from our coaching?

  • Dentists who are busier than they want to be and are not sure how best to achieve their desires.

  • Dentists who want to save years of trial and error with a clear and concise plan on how to be successful in dentistry.

  • Dentists with advanced skills and training that know they could be doing better.

  • Dentists who know there must be a better way or are seeking to be more effective and efficient with their practices.

  • Dentists who have successful practices but have hit a plateau and are ready to accelerate their growth.

The first step toward having your practice the way you want it begins with taking one simple step.

Contact us today to learn more

about how you can have your practice the way you want it.

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