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Meet Dr. Willis

Dr. Robert Willis

Early in my dental career I observed that many dentists weren’t getting the results and satisfaction they were looking for. (Including myself!) Many were successful, but didn’t feel fulfilled. Some were stressed, working long hours and not getting out of the office until late. Others spent more time at the office than with their families. A number of them were on a treadmill and didn’t know how to get off. I knew there had to be an easier, better way. I embarked on a mission to figure out how to have dentistry run smoothly like other successful businesses I had seen. I found answers sometimes in bunches and sometimes a little here and a little there. Since I like to try different things, I applied different concepts in my own practice to test them, then worked with other dentists to prove their validity. I began sharing these success secrets on creating a prosperous, well run, low stress dental practice with my colleagues.


I understand from years of experience that each doctor is unique and has unique challenges so they benefit most from coaching, not from some canned program that is a “one size fits all” approach.


Our coaching and training allows dentists to do what they were trained to do; practice technical dentistry in an efficient and effective manner. This down-to-earth, realistic approach to practicing dentistry has allowed doctors to enjoy their time in the office and spend more time out of the office with their families.


Today, we work with dentists so they can enjoy the benefits afforded by a well-designed dental career that allows for enjoyment and balance in their lives.


On a personal note, I’m married and have 2 grown children and one grand-dog. My wife and I enjoy traveling, cruises, warm weather, great food, and each other. (We’ve been married since before I graduated from dental school so it appears that my wife is going to hang on to me for the duration…for which I’m grateful.) I am an avid golfer and have played hundreds of courses in the US, Canada, Ireland, and Scotland.

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